For example magnetic north drifts gradually over the … fl Secular variations are slow changes in the Earth’s magnetic ßeld with time. The horizontal component of the Earth’s magnetic field B h . fond the resultant intensity of earth - 17766855 Electric currents in the Earth. Causes of the Earth’s magnetism: Some important factors which may be the cause of Earth’s magnetism are: Magnetic masses in the Earth. Electric currents in the upper regions of the atmosphere. At a certain location, the horizontal component of the earth’s magnetic field is , due north. The horizontal component of earth’s magnetic field at place is 0.36× 10-4 weber/m². If the angle of dip at that placed is 60° then the value of vertical component of earth’s magnetic field will be (in wb/m²) These are explained on the next page. A proton moves eastward with just the right speed, so the magnetic force on it balances its weight. In temperate northern latitudes, this field is… THE EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD (2) General features fl The Earth’s magnetic ßeld can be mapped by means of isomagnetic charts. Physics 121 Lab: Finding the horizontal component of the magnetic field of the Earth Introduction The Earth’s magnetic field exhibits changes with time and is not uniform across the surface of the earth. It is the component of the earths magnet field which aligns the compass needle to the Magnetic North Pole. Find the speed of the proton I know this one is so simple but I still cannot figure it out. horizontal and vertical components of earth is magnetic field at a place are 0.22 Tesla and 0.38 tesla respectively. Let, Total magnetic field is B and, B H be the horizontal component of the magnetic field.. At given place, Horizontal component of magnetic field is given by, B H = B cos60 ∴ B = 2B H At equator dip angle = 0 0 ∴ B’ H = I cos0 = I = 2B H It is not completely clear how the earth’s magnetic field is produced. Solution for Earth's magnetic field near the ground is typically 0.50 G (0.50 gauss), where 1G = 10 4 tesla. Radiations from the Sun.