Tweet Pin It. Right on- generally said when one hippie approves of another's idea or action. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hippie Quotes, Phrases, and Sayings Our beloved hippies are the most easily recognizable and frequently emulated characters in American culture. Hippie synonyms and Hippie antonyms. Related Posts. Being a hippie is not only about growing long hair, braiding them, smoking marijuana and living a life traveling, but there is also so much more to it. Herbs. So why did these dialect words (“hippie” or “boomer” lingo) become so passe? If you know someone who may love this list of hippie quotes then please do be sure to give this article a share to your favourite social media sites, because you never know who's life you might change with a simple share. 40 odd years into the counterculture revolution, people are still using hippie sayings as a means to express their feelings and states of being. Single Line Quotes, One Line Quotes, Lines Quotes, Bohemian Quotes, Hippie Quotes, Cute Short Quotes, Cute Selfie Quotes, Short Tattoo Quotes, Short Life Quotes Riff- story; conversation; musical expression Rip Off- to steal things or ideas. See more ideas about Words, Beautiful words and Inspirational quotes. But all of these have become extremely old hat, at least in America. There are two possible answers: 1.)

“ Synonyms for hippie include nonconformist, bohemian, flower child, free spirit, beatnik, freak, freethinker, drop-out, treehugger and yippie. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

A wise hippie and his fantastic hippie quotes. Ernest Hemingway Quotes And Sayings. Alice In Wonderland Quotes And Sayings.

Encouraging Quotes And Sayings. Feb 26, 2020 - Explore dqalmonti4's board "Hippie words" on Pinterest. Hippie synonyms and Hippie antonyms. Put on- to fool someone. “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction." Hippie quotes are great for inspiring and motivating you to love more and spread peace because hippies like to spread these messages. Lying Quotes And Sayings. Below you’ll find a collection of wise and insightful hippie quotes. From the themes of peace and love, music of the era, to the fashion, the hippie counter culture remains popular to this day.

Hippie quotes are not just quoted because they say what the hippies have to say, but sometimes they act as eye openers. Recent Posts. Find more similar words at! Get Funky!

It described clothing that wasn't supposed to go together, but somehow managed to look good. They actually inspire people to get away from the sadness and cherish the life, which can be made the most beautiful thing in the entire universe. “Peace is not the destination. 20+ Hippie Quotes and Sayings about Life, Peace and Love. S salty- rude scoff- eat, food score- to succeed; acquire Short- a small foreign sports car.

Top synonym for hippie (another word for hippie) is flower child. Hippie Quotes And Sayings. The children of baby … Take a look at them. Pulp Fiction Quotes And Sayings. “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction." The Way. Those quotes are the quotes that promote peace, urge everyone to be happy, love the nature, go on adventures and come together with the universe. R rap- to speak the language of hip. The meaning of the word became more vague, but still meant something with an unusual campy style, like clothes, music, or attitude. Top synonym for hippie (another word for hippie) is flower child. Peace is the way." Funky: This word was given a new meaning by the hippies. Oct 1, 2015 - Explore coletteandcoco's board "Boho Words to Live By" on Pinterest. Today, I’ve gathered 75 best hippie quotes ever said. Maya Angelou Quotes And Sayings.

Hippies bring back memories of nostalgia. See more ideas about Words, Hippie words and Hippie quotes. Search. Fuzz: Another name for the police. Plastic- a hippie word for fake or immitation. “Peace is not the destination.

Other words seem to hark back to the beatnik era in the 1950’s. Hippie Sayings and Quotes. Peace is the way." Pigs, cops, and 'the man' were other commonly used terms.