Eventually, too, this would also be recognized as the last Guitar Hero game as Activision would soon close the series. Guitar Hero 5 (initially referred to as Guitar Hero V) is a music rhythm game and the fifth main entry in the Guitar Hero series and the twelfth overall (ninth on home consoles). 6:47. Black Widow of La Porte by John 5 - Topic. September 7, 2010 saw the release of the last track pack for Guitar Hero 5; All existing Guitar Hero 5 downloadable content is forward-compatible with Warriors of Rock, however, Warriors of Rock add-on content is not backward-compatible with Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero. Unlike previous Guitar Hero games, there are no bonus tracks in Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s. Speeding (Vault Version) - Steve Vai / Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock by Forerunner Core. Looks like that bulky Guitar Hero World Tour drumset might be getting itself an extreme makeover in time for the launch of Guitar Hero 5. This page serves as a guide for the compatibility of various controllers with Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and other software. Fury Of The Storm by DragonForce. 7:26 . In Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock liegt der Fokus – wie schon bei Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock – wieder auf Gitarren-lastigeren Songs. Bow Wow Wow 's " I Want Candy " was originally announced for … 4:02. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is the worst-selling of all the Guitar Hero games, barely selling near 1,000,000 units across all three of its consoles (Wii, PS3, X360) after launch. / ghrb/Guitar Hero - Warriors of Rock DLC/ 0 directories 84 files. Mit in der Songliste enthalten sind unter anderem Songs von Kiss, Def Leppard, DragonForce, Metallica, Muse, Slayer und Rammstein.

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