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Relevance. Favorite Answer. 1 decade ago. Related Questions. A colorimeter and a spectrophotometer are used to gauge exact color values. But a minor criticism, shotguns are measured in gauges, rifles are measured in caliber or millimeters.. During experiments, strain gauges are attached to the deflection arms to measure the amount of movement caused by friction.. 3 Answers. Sentence using the word gauge? The government had not properly gauged the degree of popular discontent with its policies. The English language is like Legos. Sentence with the word gauges. I'm thinking that your ability to craft a sentence efficiently is going to gauge how well you do in this class. If you want to build a solid structure, you need to put down the first few blocks in the right place. Example sentences for: gauges How can you use “gauges” in a sentence? Asked in Example Sentences What is a sentence using the word not?. Lv 7. they need to be 2 differant sentences. use "gauge" in a sentence As is often the case with such efforts, the impact is hard to gauge. Logan Pearsall Smith once suggested that the vitality of a new movement in Art must be gauged by the fury it arouses. And find more tips on how to best present yourself on paper using perfect English grammar, alongside other useful examples. That’s why learning basic English sentences is so important!. It was the third weekly gain for gauge, which has risen 6 percent this year. You need to know the basics before you can build a beautiful castle with your words.. Unanswered Questions.

The gas gauge on the truck read 70 miles per hour. There is a Chinese proverb which observes that the human heart is difficult to gauge. Gauge can also be a verb.

The gas gauge on the truck read 70 miles per hour. 0 0 0.

Get the words in the right order. Begala recalled a focus group they ran to gauge the public’s support. gauge in a sentence Example Sentences for "gauge" We need a very thin gauge wire to get through the hole. Wiki User 2012-08-28 20:05:46. 1 decade ago. How many inches will ten turns advance it.

Follow these five tips to make constructing English sentences easy. I need to make a sentence for efficient and gauge.?

RoaringMice . Please tell us about Australian rail gauges, rain gauges, brain gauges, anything you like.. Eight turns of a screw advance it 4 inches. The most common order for parts of a sentence is: subject, verb, object (if present). Enjoy? How would you use the word 'gauge' in a sentence? I am not writing a sentence using that word. Try downloading our eBooks! Lv 7. Login to reply the answers Post; Ranto.