Ev'ry time i see your face, It reminds me of the places we used to go. It was played on the radio alot. bragginjan2005. More on Genius. "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" was played as the wake-up music on flight day 9 to the astronauts aboard Apollo 17, on their last day in Lunar orbit (Friday, 12/15/1972) before returning to earth, thus ending the last manned explorations of the Moon. "Cause every time I see your face, I can’t help but fall from grace" that's one part of the song from friends (season 3, ep.

I thought i'd make it the day you went away, But i can't make it Till you come home again to stay-yi-yay-yi-yay. 14) Is this song real, or is it made just for the episode? I can't get used to living here, While my heart is broke, my tears i cried for you. Male voice for lyrics, female chorus, something like this: chorus: ooh baby, (ooh baby) you're making me crazy (you're making me crazy) every time I look around, every time I look around you're in my head (heart?) Every time I see your face My heart takes off on a high speed chase Now don't be scared, it's only love That we're falling in I would never do you wrong Or let you down or lead you on Now don't look down, it's only love Baby, that we're falling in Don't be scared, it's only love Baby, that we're falling in Every time I see your face, there’s only so much I can take Oh, Anna! (Oh, Anna!) The use of the song was most likely a reference to the "face" of the moon below the spacecraft. Favorite Answer. This is, I'll guess, an 80's or early 90's pop song. 12 Answers. But all i got is a photograph And i realise you're not coming back anymore. Does anyone know the name of this song from the 90's..it goes like this..."everytime I look around...." "Oooo Baby, it's driving me crazy..every time I look around..every time I look around is in my face....I think the dude in the song is rapping or floecist...i heard this song in the radio..i love it! (Oh, Anna!) Relevance.

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