See all exercise benefits - muscles worked. An elbow plank works your abdominal muscles more. The Rocking Plank gives you all of the core … Move up as … Benefits of Plank Shoulder Touches. Advanced exercisers can … Use your left arm and toes to balance. Benefits of the Rocking Plank. This usually means that the tricep muscles get some relief, but that the larger muscles surrounding the shoulders have to work a little harder to stabilize the position (as a side note: most top-level plank performers that I’ve talked to have considered the shoulders the weakest link in this exercise). Use your left arm and toes to balance. This kind of plank puts your biceps, back muscles, and abs to work.

Browse this and over 2,000 other exercises in the free Workout Trainer app for iOS and Android. Side Plank Crunch: Done by bringing the top elbow up and knee down so that they tap each other. Start in a high plank … Muscles Worked. In addition to your abs and erector spinae, you must also contract your glutes, deltoids, muscles, thighs, calves, latissimus dorsi and chest muscles to keep your body in that plank position. Muscles Worked. Muscles Contraction During Plank Exercise ... And those aren't the only muscles used in a plank. Muscles Worked. For example, in the July 2016 issue of Sports Health, researchers used EMG testing to measure muscle activity as 18 subjects performed a variety of core exercises (including several types of planks) in different positions.

The starting position is the plank on straight arms or elbows. The different muscles worked by this lift are your Pecs, Delts, Triceps, Abdominals and your Obliques. Elbow plank is easier on the wrists. Once you are in the plank position, focus on maintaining a flat spine and tight core. Side Plank with Rotation: You need to be in a side plank position and then twist your torso so that your top arm is placed under the body. Variations on the basic plank, such as the side plank, target the oblique muscles -- the sides of the abs -- and the outer and inner thigh. The importance of strengthening each muscle group cannot be underestimated either, for all of these groups serve their own purpose. So if your wrists bother you during straight arm planks, elbow planks may serve as a safer option. How to do Elbows to Hands Plank. The primary muscles used for this exercise are your Abdominus rectus (abs), Obliques (Abdominals that run down the side of your body), Deltoids (shoulders), and the Pectoralis major (chest) The secondary muscles used when you perform this lift are your Trapezius, and the Longissimus. Explore Skimble's fitness and personal training ideas online. (If you don’t know what the basic plank is, imagine getting into position to start a full press-up and then just staying there). 8 Core-Crushing Plank Variations That Will Fire Up Your Abs . Secondarily, the plank targets shoulder muscles, the chest, and the front and back of the thighs. In this type of plank, the elbows are flexed and the weight rests on the forearms. Make it harder: Add in more upper body work by doing spiderman plank push-up. Elbow planks are a popular variation of the plank exercise. Perform the move as usual, bringing your knee to your elbow, trying to keep your hips flat and even as you move.

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