2000 Ed White a year is a lot. While Rolex's Daytona is literally for any one and Anybody that can afford or get their hands on one.

There are Speedmasters, and then there are Speedmasters. If you're eyeballing this piece you probably already know that the Omega Speedmaster Professional chronograph is one of the finest and most important timepieces of all time. Note that in my watch above that this watch shows typical Ed White Lume issues, that are well known and documented. The Speedmaster 105.003, now known as the “Ed White,” would go on to become one of the most sought-after vintage timepieces among serious watch collectors. Uneven spread (7, 2) , falling off at the tip, (4), and a general air of “Wobbliness” . This is a very common sight in Ed Whites. ... Omega Speedmaster … The Speedmaster caliber .321 only known by a very niche group of Enthusiast within the speedmaster fan club. We can see from the single face on photo on the listing, that the dial is correct, probably original, and in poor condition. Ed White First American Spacewalker 1965 wearing Omega Speedmaster ST 105.003. Omega Speedmaster 105.003 "Ed White" - 1965.

This is one of the latter! The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch that accompanied astronaut Ed White on America’s first space walk has been re-created and it’s a beaut. The watch faithfully recreates the historic timepiece that White wore in space, while not replicating it exactly. Having dropped enough hints – first the movement and then the platinum Speedmaster – that the launch is no longer a surprise, Omega has finally unveiled the watch many have been waiting for: the Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 in steel, a remake of the Speedmaster “Ed White”.. Enter Omega’s 2020 re-edition of the Ref. What this does show is the lume covering all the markers, and it is not granular. An Ed White at this level is one of the cheapest I have seen for a long time, and this one has the benefit of being correct, and with an Extract of the Archives. The Dial. The Speedmaster 105.003 featuring Omega’s hand-wound Caliber 321 chronograph movement. Majority of Speedy owners and followers don't even care about the caliber .321.

You’re most likely acquainted with astronaut Ed White, who carried out NASA’s first spacewalk in 1965 as a part Early last year, Omega reintroduced the Caliber 321 in a limited edition platinum Speedmaster. 105.003, the Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 “Ed White” which was released this week. It is a stepped, non pro, close spaced T marked dial.

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