The largest earthquake to hit China in more than 30 years is likely to wreak great economic damage on Sichuan province and the nearby megacity of Chongqing, but not on China as a whole. The flames of anger are burning towards the corrupted officials and construction businessmen. However, as losses caused by the quake have yet to be assessed, detailed measures can only be confirmed later. This Sichuan earthquake is the most stunning earthquake happened in China since the Tangshan earthquake in 1976 which killed at least 240,000 people. Especially when seeing the pictures of young kids' deaths, the tragedy of no one surviving in whole schools, it makes us heart-broken and angry. Interregional economic impact analysis of the Wenchuan earthquake, China Jidong Wu, Ning Li, Wei Xie State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resources Ecology, MOE Key Laboratory of Environmental Change and Natural Disaster, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China ( Abstract: Loss and damage induced by catastrophic earthquakes have significant impacts … May 2012; Environmental Earth Sciences 65(1) … Regional indirect economic impact evaluation of the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake Article PDF Available. May 29, 2008 Chinese. The Sichuan Earthquake stirred the blood and tears of everybody. Following the earthquake that hit Sichuan, the central government conducted a timely general assessment of the economy of the province and of the country at large in a bid to map out contingency measures and arrangements for the second half of this year. The roads, railways and buildings were damaged and destroyed by landslides and rock falls which were formed by the earthquake, the landside created more than 34 barrier lakes which intimidated about 700,000 people at downstream to evacuate.

Fu BH, Shi PL, Wang P, Li Q, Kong P, Zheng GD (2009) Geometry and kinematics of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake surface ruptures around the Qushan Town of Beichuan County, Sichuan: implications for mitigation of seismic and geologic disasters. Just two days after an earthquake in China killed over 200 people and injured almost 1,000, economists have started to weigh up the implications for the world's second largest economy.

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