Map via USGS. This new map is a reminder of California’s quake risks.

State of California. An online map of faults that includes California can be found in the Faults section of the Earthquake Hazards Program website. What are the most dangerous fault lines in the USA? The San Andreas fault is the primary feature of the system and the longest fault in California that can cause powerful earthquakes—as big as magnitude 8. Fears of the “Big One” in California -- after scientists discover a major fault, capable of producing a magnitude 8 earthquake, is moving for the first time on record.
Skip to Main Content. The Hayward Fault has banked enough energy for a magnitude-6.8 earthquake, according to the study. These quake hazard regions have been discovered over the last two decades and will help educate the public and aid in planning and quake preparadness. The Cascadia Subduction Zone, Pacific Northwest. 1. A major California fault capable of producing a magnitude 8 earthquake has begun moving for the first time on record since July's Ridgecrest quakes. Menu Contact Search A large part of the region’s population lives within 50 miles of the San Andreas fault and could be exposed to very strong levels of ground shaking in a major earthquake. Northern California Area Faults Earthquake Fault Map Resources USGS Past Significant Earthquakes Archive Rodgers Creek, Healdsburg and Maacama Faults List of the strongest California earthquakes Fault Attributes Key NAME is an 80-character field for the name of the fault (including section name, i.e., Denali fault, Holitna section). This updated map of California fault lines shows 50 new California SURFACE faults! Fault and section are lower case. Choose the Interactive Fault Map, or download KML files and GIS shapefiles from the links on the page.USGS seismic hazard maps, data and tools for California and other parts of the United States can be found in the Hazards section of the Earthquake Here we present a list of the most dangerous fault lines in the USA, those known to have caused terrible damage in the past.