Are your burdens heavier than you can handle? The expression originated fromBritish Foot Guard regiments, who were longtime rivals of the Household Cavalry men. Donkey Walloper- British cavalryman, particularly members of the Household Cavalry. Learn more. dyspepsia – Indigestion (Latin, from Greek, from dys- + pepsis digestion) Return to Top. Donkey Symbolism & Meaning. lops v. tr. • JACK (noun) The noun JACK has 12 senses:. donkey walloper – Infantry disparaging term for cavalry. drugget – a floor covering made of a coarse fabric. Double Top- good shot One is an original Apollo astronauts arm badge, and several army shoulder flashes from disbanded regiments. doss – a bed or to sleep. Also see on the doss. In depth magickal articles. The term Donkey Walloper is British Army slang for a member of the Cavalry, or the RHA if you're in the RA Donkey, fulfilling the role of a “burden of beast” by taking the responsibility and burden of others, being the symbolic representation of versatility, hard working, determination, will power, obstinacy, dedication towards work and devotion. Instead, it is seen as an onerous, unpleasant and even potentially dangerous chore. donut launcher (U.S. Army) Ring Airfoil Grenade Launcher. A Scots word meaning a penis, usually large and floppy, often used as an insult I have a huge walloper I don't like him, he's a walloper #cock #penis #dick #nob #willy The Royal Wessex Yeomanry (RWxY) is a Reserve armoured regiment of the British Army Reserve consisting of five squadrons.Formerly part of 43 (Wessex) Brigade, the regiment joined 3rd (UK) Division in July 2014, to provide armoured (main battle tank) resilience to the three armoured regiments within the Reaction Force. The Blues and Royals (Royal Horse Guards and 1st Dragoons) (RHG/D) is a cavalry regiment of the British Army, part of the Household Cavalry. The word medieval comes from a Latin term meaning middle ages. Definition of dockworker in the Dictionary. Donkey teaches you how to balance your responsibilities and to remain surefooted when expressing your opinion. Many are German cities and towns I visited, and ditto GB. The Colonel-in-Chief is Queen Elizabeth II and the Colonel of the Regiment is Anne, Princess Royal. It is the second-most senior regiment in the British Army. Dig deeply into Donkey symbolism and meaning to discover how this animal spirit guide can support, strengthen and inspire you! doss house – a cheap lodging house.

... Donkey walloper was a disparaging term for cavalry. Some men, especially those who have been married for years, don't perceive "walloping the donkey" as a pleasure. What is meant by the term Middle Ages?