The 10 Deadliest Earthquakes in U.S. History Some of the most hazardous regions of the state are also the most populated, including Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. The 2007 Solomon Islands earthquake caused a significant tsunami that killed 52 people.

The September 2007 Sumatra earthquake was the largest in 2007 with an 8.5 on the moment magnitude scale. Deadliest Earthquakes may not be the strongest earthquake due to geography and population density of the area. Here … The 2007 Peru earthquake was the deadliest with 519 fatalities. The following is a summary of significant earthquakes during the 21st century. In terms of … A look at the worst earthquakes in recorded history, in loss of human life. Other significant earthquakes … Tsunamis and fires have contributed to some of the largest death tolls in earthquakes. Earthquakes are caused by movements within the Earth's crust and uppermost … Recent earthquake already killed 7000 people and it’s the death is expected to exceed 10000 and injured more than 15000 people. Here is a list of 10 deadliest earthquakes in the world in human history in terms of fatality and damage. There were four 8.0 or higher earthquakes in 2007 which is the most ever recorded for a single year. Earthquakes in 2007 resulted in about 712 fatalities.