From one end of a hallway, Bugs taunts the monster by calling him "Frankenstein!". [turns into a demon] Possessed Duck-Woman : But I *ate* it! Bugs disguises himself as a lamp, then, after the monster 'turns on' the bulbs in Bugs' ears, the rabbit dances away to the tune of Shuffle Off To Buffalo. Daffy was voiced by British record producer Mark Dodson. Daffy : You say the Loch Ness Monster is living in your jacuzzi?

The two keep running until a trapdoor on the floor opens, forcing Bugs to halt. While Bugs is tiptoeing backwards and praying, he bumps into the creature. I turn into a hideous monster. [Puts on fake fangs and messes up his hair, then pants and snarls at Porky, who jumps up to the ceiling and hangs on to a chandelier] When Porky realizes he's been had (after coming out scared from a closet with a skeleton in it, presumably put in there by Daffy), he decides to outsmart this psychotic duck and get him out of the house by dressing up as a monster. I turn into a hideous monster. Daffy puts up his monster guise on and chases Porky around the house. Trivia.

Daffy's mannerisms were based on Daffy Duck from … Daffy is killed along with the rest of the gremlins after Billy turns on the sprinkler system and unleashes the unstable Lightning Gremlin, electrocuting them all. Daffy Duck : But when some wise guy starts pushing me around, look... out!

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