This Just In is news blog. CNN is an American basic cable and satellite television network that is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, which is a division of Time Warner. I also heard that Obama Admin said not to post the video of Brown robbing the … We'll bring you the latest news from CNN correspondents and sources around the world. CNN is a 24-hour cable news channel that has existed since 1980. 2,079 talking about this.

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CNN won't report anything to make Brown look bad. CNN delivers the latest breaking news and information on the latest top stories, weather, business, entertainment, politics, and more. It also has international bureaus. However, when i try to navigate the CNN website it seems I find only the section where you can post general comments … Posted by TenWheelsForJesus on 4/24/18 at 2:55 am to Flame Salamander With the amount of power the left has attributed to Russians, it's amazing they haven't taken over the world and led us into our rightful place in the galactic community.

This is a "news" organization that only cares to show ONE side of certain stories.
re: Why does CNN not allow comments, yet other news websites do? CNN Latest News Play all.

It's flat embarrassing and pathetic that CNN closed the comment section. This all started after the Brown case became national news. September 24, 2012: The Atlantic launches the business news site Quartz without a comments section, but adds comments in the form of "annotations" nearly a year later. Comments section: why many media still believe in it Last week, we published a story on news websites that closed their comments sections but what about those that chose to…

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So what if people are making insulting comments.