After Czernobog turns into Beilebog in spring, though, he has mercy on Shadow.

Video To see the order of the episodes, please visit the Episode guide. Czernobog (Literally "The Black God") is one of the Old Gods. The gruff, blood-obsessed Czernobog rules over the winter and agrees to help Shadow and Mr. Wednesday only because Shadow promises to give Czernobog the chance to smash Shadow’s skull with a hammer. As he mockingly explained to Shadow, in the old country "everyone has the same color, so we must fight over shades". American Gods won't actually be the first time this evil and satan-like god, who pretty much embodies all the bad things in the wold, has appeared on screen — actually, it's far from it. He is the Slavic God of all Evil Things, standing opposite to his twin brother Bielebog ("The White God"), the God of all Good Things. Chernobog (from Proto-Slavic *čĭrnŭ 'black' and *bogŭ "god") – also spelled as Chernevog, Czernobog, Chornoboh, Crnobog, Tchernobog and Zcerneboch among many other variants – is a Slavic deity whose name means "black god", about whom much has been speculated but little is attested and known definitively.. Pictures Note: The pictures are shown in episodic order. Czernobog On a broad level, Czernobog is a perfect encapsulation of author Neil Gaiman's initial approach to the American Gods story.
Who is Czernobog, who are the Zorya sisters, and whether or not Shadow is really walking around with the Moon in his pocket.