Cloud Foundry CLI for pushing and managing apps, creating and binding services, and more. I'm experiencing some problem with using the cf command line. Otherwise, it targets your org and space automatically.

To log in to the cf CLI: Run: cf login -a API-URL -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -o ORG -s SPACE Where: API-URL is your API endpoint, Ask Question Asked 2 years, 9 months ago. Pivotal Web Services (PWS) is purpose-built for developers to boost feature velocity. Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Pivotal Cloud Foundry login issue. The API endpoint is You are logging into an API endpoint, using this syntax: cf login api.cloudfoundry.system.domain. The “cf login” command allows you to pass or interactively provide the user, password, org, and space. Does ping succeed from the same terminal you're running cf dev start in?
I think the value you are specifying for the api endpoint is incorrect.

Windows 32 bit; Windows 64 bit; Mac OS X 64 bit; Linux 64 bit (.deb) Linux 32 bit (.deb) Linux 64 bit (.rpm) Linux 32 bit (.rpm) CLI Basics. The cf CLI prompts for credentials as needed. Enterprise adoption of cloud computing has caused a shift in application architecture. CC API Endpoint Version CF Trace Platform & Shell Details. cf login -a #### View your target Review your current API endpoint, user, org and space: cf target ### Managing your app #### Deploy your app cf push app_name \ [-p ./app.jar] \ [-m 128M] \ [--random-route] \ [--no-start] If the app has the artifact …

Download and Install the CLI. Step 7: Log in and Target the API Endpoint. For more information about determining the API endpoint, refer to the Getting Started with Pivotal Web Services topic. For more info visit the cf documentation. If you are a member of multiple orgs or spaces, cf login prompts you for which ones to log in to. Some of those errors indicate that you are unable to resolve, and others indicate that your API token is invalid.Are you copying and pasting the API token from the provided URL?

New software patterns, collectively called cloud-native, now deliver unprecedented application resilience and flexibility. The cf login command uses the syntax described below to specify a target API endpoint, login credentials, an org, and a space. Any other relevant information. What do your proxy environment variables look like (with any sensitive info redacted)?
Using the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI) This topics in this section explain the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI), a tool you use to … Once logged in, if you want to run raw commands, the “cf curl” can execute a request to an API endpoint. 1.