It is part of a range which now includes cylindrical designs, concussion heads, retracting and free flight bolts, contact fire and trigger fire options. August 6, 2015 Ian McCollum Reproduction, Semiauto pistol, Slow motion, Video 31. 2020 improvement to the CASH® Special range: New barrel. Together they comprise the most effective, portable and dependable stunners on sale in the world.

Fig. 54: Wrong position of the captive bolt pistol (see also Fig. Blank cartridges for the captive-bolt pistol are colour coded according to the amount of charge they contain. Slow Motion: .32ACP Baby Luger Malfunctions Slow Motion: .32ACP Baby Luger Malfunctions. Fig. The CASH Special tool is still in use today and is the world’s most popular pistol shaped captive bolt stunner. Bottom part removed from main part of CBP for loading the cartridge B. CBP in firing position (firing pin to be released through trigger) C. BP with expelled bolt after firing (rubber rings stop expulsion and partially withdraw bolt) Fig. A captive bolt gun has a steel bolt that is powered by either compressed air or a blank cartridge. The CASH® Magnum FreeFlight is a trigger fired penetrative captive bolt stunning tool in an easy to handle cylindrical design. Ultra slow-motion video of a lightning bolt at 7,000 fps is mesmerizing. ZAP! high-speed video history of photography lightning news photographing lightning photography.

A captive-bolt gun kills the animal by concussive force and penetration of the bolt 4,5. The CASH® Magnum Freeflight range is available in .25” calibre only and is designed to be used on heavy cattle, bulls and extremely heavy animals. 52: Use of Captive Bolt Pistol (CBP)A. Recommended Captive Bolt Stunning Techniques for Cattle by Temple Grandin Department of Animal Science Colorado State University (Updated February 2020) A captive bolt stunning gun kills the animal and reduces it instantly unconscious without causing pain. Captive-bolt pistol Provided that animals are properly restrained and that the slaughter team is aware that animals may be stunned but not killed, the captive-bolt pistol is an alternative to firearms. The tool provides maximum energy transfer through its free flight bolt. Figure 1: Correct position for euthanasia of livestock by use of a captive-bolt gun or firearm. by Jeremy Gray. Mike Krause of San Mateo, California makes some gorgeous reproduction Luger pistols, including copies of the extremely rare .32ACP “baby” Lugers. A nonpenetrating, mushroom—head captive bolt only stuns the animal, thus, it cannot be … Cartridge powered CASH® Special is a pistol-shaped captive bolt stunning tool suitable for use on a wide variety of animals. 53: Hand-held barrel captive bolt gun.