Browse and download Minecraft Captainsparklez Maps by the Planet Minecraft community. He was also a server master on TrollCraft. Jordan Maron, known by his nicknames Jardon, Sparkly Pants, CaptainSparklez, Sparkly-butt, Glitter lap, Mr. Butts, or simply Sparklez and SparklyDick (by SynHD) is one of the inhabitants in the World of Mianite.He is good friends with Waglington (James), Tucker (Jeriicho), Tom (SynHD) and Sonja (Firefoxx).. The Minecraft Map, Jerrys Tree Captain Sparklez, was posted by MinecraftGraphic. Minecraft Mods: Punji Pits, Invisible Pressure Plates, And More (Hunting Traps Mod Showcase) It was just an ordinary jungle tree when he found it in episode 2 (February 2012), but he soon made it his home. X33N played Deviser Gaines, DG worker, Observation Bot, Intuition and Self-Doubt in Season Two of Mianite. It’s more than twice as big as JennaMarbles net worth of $6.3 million and 20% smaller than TheDiamondMineCart’s net worth of … When Mianite Season 2 ended, CaptainSparklez and X33N started … A Recreation Of CaptainSparklez Tree house including items in chest Download map now! CaptainSparklez uploaded and added to Minecraft Creations and Tutorials 1 week ago 9:08 They Added The Take Back The Night Pig Boss To Minecraft - Duration: 9 minutes, 8 seconds.

Also see: PewDiePie Net Worth CaptainSparklez net worth of $13.7 million is only one third the size of YouTube top banana PewDiePie’s net worth of $42.5 million. CaptainSparklez is a supporting protagonist in Minecraft: Story Mode, first appearing in the 6th episode of Season 1, A Portal to Mystery. Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. He and his fellow BTS worker MrMadSpy created a series called The Making-Of-Mianite, where they show how Inertia Prison Break and other BTS stuff that took place in Mianite S2. He is voiced by Jordan Maron. Jerry's Tree was CaptainSparklez' home in his long-running Survival Minecraft Series, which began in February 2012. CaptainSparklez streams live on Twitch!

YES We built everything Yugo and hamudik CaptainSparklez' house AND Steve's house We made a cobblestone road to Steve's house and the road goes on to the mine he was in the video The coordinates for the houses X 70 Y 64 Z 172 Enjoy Download map now! He built platforms on it that he lived on, and built a mob spawner, as well as many other farms and devices. Captainsparklez Stories Refine by tag: captainsparklez mianite omgitsfirefoxx minecraft syndicate ianite dianite jordanmaron skydoesminecraft iijeriichoii jordan syndisparklez maron antvenom waglington bajancanadian deadlox thesyndicateproject youtube ssundee