Players take the roles of super secret government agents working for the clandestine Bureau 13. Love Makes You Evil : His love for a rogue telepath who was due to be used as the CPU in a shadow ship leads him to take actions he wouldn't normally, even going so far as betraying his own Black Omega squadron. I missed Babylon 5 the first go-around, and am so happy it's streaming now. As a darkness comes to Babylon 5, Dr. Franklin's adventures with Bureau 13 take a turn for the worse, and something wicked comes knocking at a Drazi's door. Using Garibaldi to find out the conspiracy and even sacrificing his own men to get Babylon 5 to take him to Za'Ha'Dum to see what the Shadows left behind. Episode 7 - "The Criminal Element" By Sel Vecantie What do a mysterious young woman named Jeanne Darias, a Thrakallan named j'Nialth, and the Centauri Guildmaster Aragon Pernimi have in common? During the past two decades, fans of Babylon 5 and ... (Section 31 vs. Bureau 13—the same number in reverse—as well as Night Watch and Psi Corps). Their job is to fight a range of paranormal and extraterrestrial infestations. I just finished the whole series, after working through it for a bit now. I finally had the opportunity to watch it -- WOW.

This show is absolutely freaking fantastic. Bureau 13 The Babylon Project Fandom Powered By Wikia Abandonware Games Bureau 13 Font Bureau 13 Atypi Bureau 13 Book Series B13 Basics Screams In The Night Bureau 13 Stalking The Night Gallery Of Bursa Balbek Bureau 13 Download Bureau 13 My Abandonware My Old Bureau 13 Character Sheets Let Me Show You Them A Bureau 13 Trilogy By Nick Pollotta Wildside Press Rare X Bureau 13 … The list of Babylon 5 characters contains characters from the entire Babylon 5 universe. Amazing. In the RPG, Bureau 13 investigates and combats supernatural events and threats; their motto is "Protecting America from Everything". Bureau 13 was the first horror/paranormal role playing game to be published. I know of the Bureau 13 game only by reputation, as I never played it myself. As the Babylon station was conceived as a political and cultural meeting place, one of the show's many themes is the cultural and social interaction between civilizations. It was released by Tri Tac Games in 1981. Finished last week. Zack Allan is about to find out! Bureau 13 is actually a fictional top-secret government agency in the role-playing game (RPG) Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic. I think I first encountered the name in connection with JM Strackzinski's Babylon 5, that featured in the episode "A Spider in the Web" a clandestine organization by that name.