... Our company is guided by three deeply held beliefs: that brands with purpose grow, companies with purpose … And now we’re pledging that in the future, every brand within Unilever will be a brand. It’s a clear signal that brands with sustainability at their core don’t just do good for people and the planet, they perform brilliantly too. Knorr’s work to support sustainable farming.

Unilever’s sustainable brands are now more responsible for more of Unilever’s growth than ever before, delivering 70% of its turnover growth as more of its brands put purpose … The growth of Unilever's purpose-driven brands should lay to rest the argument that there is a conflict between profit and purpose, says Becky Willan, the managing director of strategic and creative brand purpose agency Given.

Our brands give us a unique opportunity to create positive change, to grow our business, and to achieve our purpose of making sustainable living commonplace. Today, our brands are creating positive change in all sorts of ways.

Dove’s Self-Esteem Project, which has reached 35 … Unilever will co-operate with governments and other organizations, both directly and through bodies such as trade associations, in the development of proposed legislation and other regulations which may affect legitimate business interests. Why Unilever's Sustainable Living brands are driving growth. The campaign to support proper toilets in schools, led by Domestos.

Unilever’s purpose is to make sustainable living commonplace around the world.

Unilever CEO Sees Purpose-Led Businesses Only Gaining Relevance. 2.5 billion people use our products each day; 400+ Unilever brands are used by consumers worldwide; 190 Countries in which our brands are sold; 155,000 Unilever people deliver our success Our 25,000-strong Sales community has a unique role to play in delivering the company’s Sustainable Living Plan. The world has changed a lot since then – but our underlying purpose has not. Our Corporate Purpose sets out our aspirations in running our business. While all of Unilever's brands are on a journey towards sustainability, our Sustainable Living Brands are those that are furthest ahead. London, Rotterdam - Unilever today announced that its purpose-led, Sustainable Living Brands are growing 69% faster than the rest of the business and delivering 75% of the company’s growth.

“Purpose creates relevance for a brand, it drives talkability, builds penetration and reduces price elasticity,” Jope said. Now we’re committing that in the future, every Unilever brand … Brands taking action for people and the planet grew 69% faster than the rest of our business last year. Unilever boss says brands using 'woke-washing' destroy trust This article is more than 10 months old Firms that adopt worthy causes must also ‘walk the talk’, Alan Jope tells Cannes conference Unilever’s Sustainable Living Brands are those that communicate a strong environmental or social purpose, with products that contribute to achieving the company’s ambition of halving its environmental footprint and increasing its positive social impact. It's underpinned by our values and, equally importantly, our Code of Business Principles, which since 1995 describes the operational standards everyone at Unilever must follow, wherever they are in the world. Our purpose-led brands are growing 69% faster than the rest of our business. Unilever companies are encouraged to promote and defend their legitimate business interests. Responding to the latest figures posted by Unilever’s Sustainable Living brands division, chief executive Alan Jope said they are “clear and compelling evidence that brands with purpose grow”.