Boeing’s new suit is a far departure from the bulky marshmallow-looking suits we typically picture. Boeing vs. SpaceX Earlier this year, Boeing Co (NYSE: BA ) also displayed its spacesuit design, which astronauts will wear on their trip to the ISS when flying in Boeing’s spacecraft. (Boeing) Beyond its aesthetic appearance, the Starliner suit sports zippers to increase comfort and shed weight, and features a hood-like soft helmet with a wide polycarbonate visor for expanded peripheral vision. Watch how Boeing brings space closer to Earth than ever before with new spacecrafts, innovative teams, and new technologies that are changing the future of space exploration. The Boeing suit is designed to be a highly optimized IVA suit with maximum convenience features for working astronauts. Their publicity material highlights functional advantages and functional features which the SpaceX suit visibly lacks counterparts to; the only matching feature that the SpaceX suit implicitly has is touchscreen-compatible gloves. The new suits, called “Boeing Blue” and designed by the David Clark Company, were constructed just for the ride into space and to the space station.

The layers are innovated to keep the astronauts cool. What's it like to wear The Boeing Company’s new space suit for the upcoming NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration # commercialcrew program? SpaceX allowed us a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with their Crew Dragon Capsule and Spacesuit. Witness the expansive wonder of space with Boeing – the leader in aerospace engineering and manufacturing. There’s a lot more to come, but first, let’s get some rare details of the suit itself. According to Boeing, the new suit is 40 percent lighter than the previous suits.

Boeing has unveiled the advanced new lightweight spacesuits that astronauts will sport as passengers aboard the company's CST-100 Starliner space … So here’s a bunch of Macro shots for your pleasure! Behind …

The suit gloves are touchscreen friendly, making interaction with capsule’s tablets easier. Former space shuttle astronaut Chris Ferguson, Boeing director of crew and mission systems, models the Starliner suit. Inside the Boeing facility at Kennedy Space Center, engineers and technicians fit the the anthropometric test device- the test dummy- into a space suit. Source: Space. The torso area features zippers that will allow a more comfortable transition from sitting to standing.

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