Facebook. 8. Instead, the Bobov-45 Rebbetzin [the wife of the Bobov-45 Rebbe] will henceforth buy every bride a watch in accordance with the Rebbe’s new directives. 19. December 18, 2019 11:15 am. Share on Facebook.

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May 27, 2018 7:45 am. Watch: Bobov-45 Chosson Rides on Horse and Buggy to Chupah. SHARE. Thousands at the Wedding of the Bobover Rebbe’s Son at Floyd Bennet Field Tuesday May 22 2018. Bobov 45 Signed a Deal to Purchase The Boro Park YM-YWHA located on 14th Ave. and 50th Street. Watch: Bobov Wedding 2018. Tweet on Twitter.

Bobov 45 currently owns the corner Lot on 14th Ave. and 49th Street. Tweet on Twitter. Bobov-45 Rebbe dances 'mitzva tantz' at hasidic wedding in Borough Park, as thousands of hasidim watch, sing and clap. Facebook. Arutz Sheva Staff , 26/10/17 13:19 Hasidic wedding (illustrative) Share on Facebook.

Today is the wedding of a granddaughter of The Bobov - 45 Rebbe ShlitaThe wedding is taking place in Boro ParkThe Chupah will be on 15th ave and 45 st. At approx 7:00 (avoid the area traffic expected)The Seuda and dancing for men will be at the big hall on 43rd Street and New Utrecht, For Women, the seudah and dancing will be in Torah Vayirah Hall.