Conquest and the map roster don't mesh well together, however, Grand Operations--and the other modes within it--steal the show and foster some of the greatest moments the franchise has offered.

Aby otrzymać nagrodę, musisz najpierw zasubskrybować biuletyn Battlefield V. Aby otrzymać nagrodę ([IN-GAME ITEM]), musisz się najpierw zalogować i zasubskrybować biuletyny Battlefield V i EA. Dodatkowo, jako premię za zapisanie się, otrzymasz ekskluzywny emblemat Battlefield V do wykorzystania w grze. Available for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC on November 20th 2018. Battlefield V – enter mankind’s greatest conflict as the series goes back to its WW2 roots. Battlefield V is built for tuning to yield optimal performance. High-end graphic settings – Included support for the highest-end graphical and performance settings across numerous categories includes adjustable draw distance, texture quality, shadow quality, and more to give PC players the freedom to fine tune fidelity or performance. The Battlefield series has a winning formula that Battlefield V doesn't deviate far from, at least for now.

Battlefield V (also known as Battlefield 5, BFV or BF5) is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield Series developed by DICE and published by EA.The game brings the series back to its origins, being set during World War II.The open beta of the game was start on September 4th, 2018 for EA Access and Origin Access members and available worldwide on September 6th, 2018 until September 11th, 2018.