Tombs I. Tombs II. [Spoiler #2] If you are stuck in front of the double doors in the Dark Domain dungeon because you need Watchwood Melody to open the doors--fear not--as one of your existing Bard Songs will open the door, anyway! He will teach you all the songs for the Bard’s Tale II game, which your Bard can play in addition to songs brought over from the first game. ". Hi all!


The code to cast it is ZZGO, and is the only spell code that the party must find in the game (found in the Destiny Stone). Colosse. Thessalonica. Q&A. Amiga Apple II Commodore 64 NES NEC PC98.

Tangramayne is the starting town of The Destiny Knight. Part 1: Getting there and Tangramayne Part 2: The Dark Domain Part 3: The Wilderness Part 4: Ephesus and the Tombs Part 5: Fanskar's Fortress Download cleaned and improved versions of all city maps (courtesy Jeremy Kapp) Dungeons. Corinth. Summary; Release Data; Game Credits; Also Playing; Collection Stats; Guides; Q&A; Reviews; Media.

Guides. Maps for all cities, and the first three (of six) snare dungeons are presented here. Old school … With that done, head over to the Temple of Darkness, which is housed in a nondescript building, and get into the Tombs and search for the first shard of the Wand of Destiny. Tangramayne Found in: II Notable features: Dark Domain As I discovered myself! Show image in new window.

Can't recall which one does it--but WM is not required to open those doors. Cities.

Images; Board; The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight - Dark Domain Map by ASchultz - Last Updated 08/10/07. Board. The following highly detailed maps were created by Rob Huston (with some help from Warren Ayers). It houses the starter dungeon, which is found in the east end of the city.

Tangramayne. Note that the spell is included with the set of 7th level Sorcerer spells automatically. More. BARD'S TALE II: THE DESTINY KNIGHT Monster Table v1.02 by Stephen S. Lee ( You may distribute this freely, so long as you give proper credit to me. The Wilderness. The Dreamspell is a 7th level Sorcerer spell of awesome power. For The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight on the PC, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do i get to level 3 in the Dark Domain?

Home. Ephesus.

The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight – Guides and FAQs PC .

Having completed the Bard's Tale I walkthrough, I figured I would get straight into the Destiny Knight.If all goes to plan, this will be finished around the end of December 2018, in time for the Thief of Fate!

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