The east coast features numerous bays and inlets. All meet and greets are by appointment only, around our work, family and other time commitments. We do not have a shelter as such, and have all of our dogs and puppies in foster homes throughout the Waikato and Auckland regions. …

Footage released by the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust shows two brave first responders landing on the island and shielding their eyes from billowing ash. DC Rescue Dogs is a non-profit organisation based in the Waikato, New Zealand. To be shipwrecked there means almost certain death.” So begins Joan Druett’s book, Island of the Lost – Shipwrecked at the E They were discovered in 1806 and soon received visits from sealing parties with whalers following not long after.
Auckland Island is roughly pear shaped, 40 x 27 kilometres, with an area of 51,000 hectares. Enderby Island Cattle A New Zealand Rare Breed Society Rescue Project. Welcome!

Port Ross in the north and Carnley Harbour in the south are its two natural harbours which offer safe haven to passing ships.

This Dec. 9, 2019, photo provided by Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust shows ash-covered White Island, New Zealand, following the eruption of the volcano. (AP: Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust) Six people are confirmed dead after the volcano erupted on Monday, with eight others still missing and feared dead on the island… (Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust via AP) With year-round freezing rain and howling winds, it is one of the most forbidding places in the world.
The west coast consists of an almost continuous line of steep cliffs, backed by hilly terrain with deep valleys.

Enderby Island is the northernmost island of a Subantarctic group known as the Auckland Islands which lie some 320 kilometres south of New Zealand.

Auckland Island is a godforsaken place in the middle of the Southern Ocean, 285 miles south of New Zealand.