Must be at least 18. A good reputation is important for Apple as all stakeholders rely on a reputable organisation. The majority of Apple’s employees have been located in the United States but Apple has substantial manufacturing, sales, marketing, and support organizations worldwide, and some engineering operations in Paris and Tokyo. Apple or its trade-in partners reserve the … $316.85. Apple products for home and office use. 2.38 (0.75%) DATA AS OF May 21, 2020.

AAPL Apple Inc. Common Stock. Prior to … The significant role of stakeholders in Apple is evident in the company's accountability to internal and external interested parties in the company's policies and strategies. Customers. For example, customers are usually concerned with the “reputation for producing high quality, safe products…through ethical behaviour” (Nicholas, A.J 2011). Additional trade‑in values require purchase of a new Apple Watch, subject to availability and limits. Apple Watch Series 5 promotional pricing is after trade‑in of Apple Watch Series 4 in good condition. Since formation of the Apple Computer Company in 1977, it (as Apple Computer, Inc.) has employed over 75,000 people worldwide.

Data is currently not available. Net sales break down by family of products and services as follows: - telephone products (54.7%): iPhone brand; - computers (9.9%): laptops (MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro brands) and PCs (iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro and Xserve); Apple Inc satisfies most of its stakeholders’ interests through suitable corporate social responsibility efforts. Apple Inc. specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of computer hardware and music supports. Tim Cook is the current chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple and the second-largest individual shareholder with 878,425 shares as of Aug. 24, 2018. (Photo: Public Domain) Apple’s success is partly due to its ability to satisfy stakeholders and corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Who are Apple Inc's Stakeholders - Answers A stakeholder is defined as a person or group that has an investment, share, or interest in something, as a business or industry. Latest News. The holistic approach of Apple's communication strategies with the major external and internal stakeholders is the concern of this article.

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