1. In addition to the App ID and the Zone ID you will also need your AdColony API Key for setting up your AdMob Ad Unit ID.

AdColony provides HD video advertising services to both advertisers and individuals seeking to monetize their apps. AdColony will then be enabled in the Available Ad Networks table. Setting up AdColony. AdColony does not begin preparing ads for display or perform any reporting until after it is configured by your app. Read Only API Key: The unique identifier for your AdColony account, enabling FairBid to import performance data from your AdColony account to use in reporting and optimization. 2. It uses Insta-Play technology to instantly serve full-screen video ads to mobile devices.

From the AdColony dashboard, select Account Settings (from the user icon in the upper righthand corner). AdColony provides its own reporting functions, but users also have the option of employing a 3rd party partner's reporting functions. This is the unique identifier of your application in AdColony’s system. ASP.NET Core - Protect your API with API Keys; See all 6 posts → dotnet core Dotnet Core - Filter out specific test projects when running dotnet test. Just click on your App's Name and you will locate the 'AdColony App ID'. AdColony API Key. This setup is required to take advantage of Auto CPM. In addition to the App ID and the Zone ID you will also need your AdColony API Key for setting up your AdMob Ad Unit ID. To enable AdColony network reporting and Auto CPM, enter the API Key. Enter your AdColony API Key Click on Test Connection If the API Key is valid, you should see the message API Key Verified If the API Key is invalid, you should see the message Invalid Credentials - make sure that you are using the correct API Key To configure your campaigns with AdColony, follow the steps below. Migrate AdColony from Custom Native Setup Elevating mobile advertising by focusing on the highest quality consumer experiences that deliver outcomes for brands and publishers on today’s primetime apps and sites. Enter "AdColony" in the search field and click on its logo to open AdColony's configuration window. Alternatively, watch and listen to the video below to find out how to obtain the required parameters: Finding the App ID. AdColony API Docs. App ID. Contribute to glossom-dev/AdColony-api-docs development by creating an account on GitHub. Quick example showing how to exclude tests in a certain project when running dotnet test. Click ‘ Save ‘. Go to the dashboard of your app and click on Integrated Partners on the left bar. Click ‘ Save ‘. The unique zone to where AdColony delivers ads. RequestInterstitial Requests an ad from the given zone. Make sure to define the app on which you’d like to run   ironSource ’s Mediation with AdColony. Select AdColony from the list of Available Ad Networks and enter the AdColony ‘API Key‘.

AdColony will then be enabled in the Available Ad Networks table.

Navigate to Account Settings in your AdColony … 10 months ago July 1st, 2019 1 min read. Below Parameters from your AdColony account which need to be inserted into your SDK Network Setup Module on the AdTiming platform. You can find your "Read-Only API Key" in the the "Settings" tab on the next page. Select AdColony from the list of Available Ad Networks and enter the AdColony ‘ API Key ‘. Retrieve AdColony Parameters. To find the API Key, navigate to Settings and look for Read-Only API Key.

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