You can be sure that the titles that you find here are appropriate for children of all ages, though some of them might be targeted toward older, more advanced children while others are kept simple for young beginners. They can play as classic characters that they already know and love, like Santa or Cupid. Whomever they're meant for, these games are built with kids in mind. Game developed by Cambridge English Online. is the home of games that are perfect for the whole family.

Animal, banana, computer... Can you continue until z? Sounds easy? Whether your child is earlier in their development or nearing the teen years, our selection of kids games online has a title that will provide both challenge and amusement for hours on end. What's your favourite word in English?

Can you think of one word in English that begins with each letter of the alphabet?

ABC countdown. Can you put the letters of the alphabet in the right order? The interface keeps toddlers focused on alphabet reading and writing, tucking menu commands away from moving fingers. Discussion.

Average: 3.61651. You've got 30 seconds! Adults can easily access settings to engage Teacher Mode, look at report cards, or toggle tracing and phonics games to better facilitate learning. We have kid games for boys and kid games for girls of all ages. About our Kids Games. ABC Kids is more than just a kid-friendly educational app, it was designed with adult participation in mind, too.