Thermally modified wood is put in specially designed sealed chambers which modifies the woods cell structure and allows the wood to become more durable and stable. We specialized in cutting-edge thermally modified woods. It’s great that you stopped by and feel free to explore and learn how we are slightly obsessed with creating high-quality, thermally modified wood products for a wide range of applications. It can also be used in environments that are less stable in moisture content, such as basements (with proper sub-flooring).

Thermally Modified Wood Products. CFP Woods Thermowood Handbook 2020; Natural Wood, Unnatural Performance.

Stand out with Thermory's stunning cladding collection. The New Durability Standard For Softwood Decking. Pre-oiled decking. Eco-friendly and chemical-free, thermally modified woods provide class-1 durability and resistance to weathering, rot and insects all at 1/2 the cost of traditional hardwoods. Americana™ Thermally Modified Wood Decking designs are easy to work with.

SIA REK is a family-owned company and we are specialized in the production and marketing of thermally modified wood.. Our production unit and office is located in Talsi – a small town located in the western part of Latvia.
We are ThermalWood Canada. What is Thermally Modified Wood? Unequalled in durability and stability, our thermally modified Scots pine decking features distinct knots, beautiful golden brown color, and no visible sapwood.

AWCo Thermally Modified Timber (TMT) is domestically-sourced and sustainably harvested wood which undergoes a value-added thermal modification process. Less waste, less time.

Thermoarena thermally modified wood products have much higher durability and dimensional stability compared to regular wood products. US Thermal Wood transforms wood from ordinary to extraordinary. A new era in wood is here.

Our obsession for 215/419 degree thermal modification is captured with a single phrase: “Northern Heat”.

A variety of bold, elegant designs combine with superior rot resistance to make an enduring impression on your external environment. americana™ thermally modified wood siding & rainscreen choices matter.

Cladding. Excalibur Wood is made from Environmentally Certified Radiata Pine, which has been thermally modified to naturally produce decay and insect resistant lumber without any toxic chemicals. Our clean thermal modification process purges wood of its imperfections giving it unparalleled durability while maintaining its natural beauty. This turns it brown all the way through—like a chocolate cookie.

Fire retardant treated cladding. Classic decking. Benchmark Pine redefines expectations for softwood decking. We use standard symmetrical profiles which can be used with off-the-shelf hidden fasteners. Many years of experience in the timber business has provided us with a great experience in delivering high quality thermowood products and services to our customers.
Arbor Wood Co. (AWCo) offers thermally modified timber for a variety of outdoor and indoor applications. By combining sustainability, function, and beauty in our thermally modified wood products, Thermory's forward-thinking design gives you unparalleled appeal and durability. Find out more about it here. By not allowing moisture to re-enter the wood this greatly reduces the expansion and contraction wood can take on if moisture was allowed to enter and remain in the wood and apparently the process is all done using no chemicals. Explore what we do.