It is very lightweight and currently adopted by the LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) project as its default file manager. Though it is a small application, it has wide ranges features. Of being lightweight, it is widely used in the low-configured and old machine. PCMan File Manager. PCMan is a faster but very lightweight file manager for Linux. After trying XFCE Thunar, may be the best choice out here, but It really lacks something most users desire, especially something like tabbed-browsing. extremely fast and lightweight file manager. Well, if you are not so comfortable with the GUI based file manager for Linux, then you need to try PCMan File Manager. It follows the specifications given by …

PCMan File Manager is a lightweight file manager app which is perfect for a low-end computer. Release Notes: A basic but user-friendly "Find Files" utility was added. X File Explorer (Xfe) is an MS-Explorer like file manager for X. 16. The goal of this project is not to build a huge yet powerful file manager, but a slim and useful one. See file LICENSE for … PCMan file manager is intended for those who don’t need much functionality, whether using an old machine or a modern PC, what you want is a lightweight, quick and responsive desktop. How PCManFM may be autostarted as a daemon process or to manage the desktop for a standalone window manager will depend on the window manager itself. The menu item shown in the system menu was renamed from "PCMan File Manager" to "File Manager" for better usability. That's why this project is started, and why it's named after my nickname on the internet, PCMan. The built-in file searching, last I checked in version 0.5.2 I think, isn't working correctly, and it doesn't have have Thunar-style "custom actions", and it doesn't let the directory tree sidebar pane and the location bookmarks/drives panes show simultaneously. PCMan File Manager is a lot faster, easier to use and has a cleaner interface than Gnome's default browser, Nautilus. PCManFM is the standard file manager in LXDE, also developed by the same author in conjunction with other developers.Since 2010, PCManFM has undergone a complete rewrite from scratch; build instructions, … Usage. It can be modified to take the appearance of Microsoft Windows, helping beginners migrate from Windows to Linux. In LXQt sessions it is in addition used to handle the desktop. For example, to enable management of the desktop for Openbox , the following command would be added to the ~/.config/openbox/autostart file: Released under the GNU General Public License, PCManFM is free software. PCMan File Manager (PCManFM) is a file manager application developed by Hong Jen Yee from Taiwan which is meant to be a replacement for Nautilus, Konqueror and Thunar. The goal of this application is to be slim and useful, but not to have any feature bloat. Figure 1. Το PCMan File Manager (εν συντομία: PCManFM) είναι ένα ελαφρύ πρόγραμμα διαχείρισης αρχείων (αγγλικά: file manager) σχεδιασμένο για λειτουργικά συστήματα της οικογένειας του Unix. PCMan File Manager, also known as PCManFM, is an open source file manager application for Linux-based operating systems. When you do you will see a fairly standard looking file manager pop up in next to no time. You can find some common file manager’s option like New Window, New Tab, Create New Document , etc from File … Using PCManFM with FTP.

It can be launched from the command line, too.

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