Brain Hooks is very good in the lead role and he has the charisma to carry his own studio film.

It's a shame this film didn't get a wide big theate release it's a very funny and heart felt film. “Nothing 2 Lose” is KYLE’s ‘IDGAF’ anthem.

He goes into detail about who he is as a person, his haters and critics, as well as his recent breakout success spurring from his platinum hit “iSpy”. Nothin 2 Lose is a urban version of the old get married or I'll leave you. 2 of 5 people found this review helpful.
Nothing 2 Lose Lyrics: HOOK: / Every day is test so all we do is smoke weed and crack brews / Kid I ain't got Nothing 2 Lose / There comes a time in your life that get trife / And you're forced to pay