1. Achieved.

Spacecraft Secondary Objectives 1 pilot — he’d been in space more often than anyone else and still is the only man to travel to the moon twice.

The initial A-G list was expanded to include later mission types: H-type missions—Apollo 12, 13 (planned) and 14—would perform precision landings, and J-type missions—Apollo 15, 16 and 17—would perform thorough scientific investigation. The mission objectives of Apollo 13 were never completed, and the crew almost died. Apollo 16; Mission Objectives; Apollo 16 Mission Objectives.

Spacecraft Primary Objective . Asked in International Government Apollo 16 astronauts explored the Descartes region, the first opportunity to explore the lunar highlands. Apollo 13 did not land on the moon as its mission was abandoned. The Apollo 12 mission was the second manned lunar landing mission. Apollo 11 Objectives . There are no maps made as a result of Apollo 13.

Apollo 11 was the first mission to land on the moon and it was its lunar module that was called Eagle.

Summary of Events.

Tragedy struck on the launch pad during a preflight test for Apollo 204 ( AS-204 ), which was scheduled to be the first Apollo manned mission, and would have been launched on February 21, 1967.

The site was some 2,2500 meters (7,400 feet) higher than the Apollo 11 site. Secondary objective was to the retrieve portions of the Surveyor III spacecraft which had been exposed to the lunar environment since the unmanned spacecraft soft-landed on the inner slope of a crater on April 20, 1967. At the time of the Apollo 13 mission, Lovell was America’s No. To perform a manned lunar landing and return. Mission Objective: January 27, 1967.

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