I tried checking the ip address, and it is still set up for Indiana. But my IP traces to the correct and current city and state. For example, using the NBC app I was trying to watch my local news. For some reason, I am no longer recieving my local news networks. Managing Current Location. Make sure you are using the latest version: run youtube-dl --version and ensure your version is 2018.03.14.If it's not, read this FAQ entry and update. The W3C Geolocation service determines location by the browser providing GPS location (if available) and signal strengths of visible WiFi annoucements. Issues with outdated version will be rejected. Backup and Restore From iTunes. I currently have the same issue but have the answer. Some issue & all the buildings location are wrong, at least 400m away from actual location which made me annoying to find the right place. I am located in Indiana, but it keeps showing me a St. Louis area NBC affiliate. Google Maps is most sought and used Android App for location services. the 9now live stream is picking up the east coast time zone, my iPad 9now app has correct WA time zone.

7plus app on Telstra TV is also picking up WA time zone. The CBS live is fed by the location referenced by your IP address. since the upgrade of the 7 plus app my local news is now Townsville and I live in cairns previously we got cairns local news, how would I correct the location - 736235 Google searches always have items located near my former home in another state.

Each provider determines the location by their own internal processes and data sources. At least skimmed through the README, most notably the FAQ and BUGS sections When navigating folder systems in File Explorer, you usually have a specific working location - namely, the current open folder. • Tune into Channel 9, 9Go!, 9Gem and 9Life live from wherever you are on your Android mobile phone or tablet. 06/05/2017; 4 minutes to read; In this article. 9Now is your new and improved way to access Channel 9 – it's easy to use and it's free. Fix your Google Maps if showing incorrect current location, wrong GPS, Inaccurate data etc with these simple solutions for Android. Checked my registered 9now account and it has a WA postcode location. (The same affiliate I would receive with an outside antenna). Update your Internet Explorer settings; Update your Chrome settings; Update your Firefox settings Control Panel Region & Language settings are correct, although they are general and set only to my correct time zone and U.S.

Make nine.com.au your homepage. Items in the current folder can be manipulated easily by clicking them. 03-07-2018 11:01 AM Like 0 Do this, and then try using an app like Maps or Weather again. I've verified and I assure that I'm running youtube-dl 2018.03.14; Before submitting an issue make sure you have:. When on CableOne internet in Denison Texas (75 miles north of Dallas) the ip CableOne assigned me was from the area I live in and my cbs affiliate is KXII tv.