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To Take on or Not to Take on a Potential Real Estate Lead

February 18, 2011

That is the question. And there are two things to remember when asking yourself if you want to work with a potential buyer or seller. Do they have the means to buy or sell this property, and do you think it will be worth your time to work with them.

Generally, folks that have come to the table without outlandish expectations, who are willing to listen to your advice and use it, are worth it. There aren’t many things worse in the real estate game than a seller who thinks they can sell their home for $200,000, when the market analysis says it is only worth a maximum of $100,000. Or a buyer who thinks they can talk down a seller of a home with little or no problems, from $150,000 (assuming the market says it’s worth about that) down to $50,000. Or perhaps a buyer that has a 300 credit score, and thinks they can get a loan from a typical bank.

Bottom line is, don’t just work with any Tom, Dick and Harry that walks through your door or calls you on the phone. Qualify them a little bit with some probing questions, and make sure there is a least a decent chance of them being able to do what it is they are telling you they want to do, before you do the work to help them buy or sell a property. If you don’t, you almost guaranteeing yourself a lot of wasted time and heartache on bad leads.

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