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The Single Most Powerful Home Selling Tool

February 15, 2011

This is going to be a short post, because I really only have one thing to say. We can go in to all of the details around what tools, services, and methods to use when selling a home, and most, if not all of them would be viable options.

However, there is one tool that is more important than all of the rest of them combined. And that is:

The “For Sale” Sign in the Yard

I hope I didn’t let you down to much there as this is not something new that you have never heard about before. But it really is the most important thing. Potential buyers just roaming through neighbors won’t be interested in your home without a sign identifying it as “For Sale”. MLS, Craig’s List, and newspaper leads will be far less likely to be interested in it without a sign being present.

Bottom line, make sure you have a sign in the yard, and don’t wait to put it out. I have busy in the past, but it almost always delays the sale or rent of property if there is no sign present in the yard.

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