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The Magic Pill of Real Estate Investing

January 8, 2011

Even the most naive, inexperienced guy off the street…if he can learn this one simple key to real estate investing, can make a fortune. You see in many businesses, you can really boil the entire strategy, positioning, and plan down to one basic “building block” of success. Let me prove it to you.

If you could boil down multi-level marketing to one thing, what would it be? Getting the most people to the biz op. That’s really it. The whole system is setup to take it from there. You just have to find and get people interested in it, and the system does the rest.

How about franchising? Getting your foot in the door. Once you are able to buy into the franchise, all the marketing and systems are in place. You just have to work the system.

So what about the real estate investing business? It comes down this…

Buying right!

I know that may sound simple and a bit weird, because most businesses are “complicated” and tend to focus on “selling”, but it just isn’t true with real estate investing. In this business, you are only going to get what the market says your property is worth, so don’t get emotional over it. If a 2,000 square foot brick veneer home goes for $150,000 in your market, don’t think that your little gem is going to generate any more. Sure it could, if you add a pool and a detached garage, but most of time, value added things like that cost more to construct than you will make on them.

Don’t do it!

All you have to do is learn how to find a house for $X, and buy it for $X – your profit. So if you find a house worth $150,000, all you have to do is get it for, say, $125,000, and you make $25,000.

Where the real strategies come in are how to find people that will willingly sell you their property for less than it’s worth. And that’s a much bigger topic…

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