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Staying Ahead of Your Real Estate Competition

February 24, 2011

One of the key things to getting ahead of your competition is to be a little “outrageous”. Take the internet marketing niche for example. I have been involved and watched this niche carefully for a very long time. And the one guy that has made the largest impression on me, is the guy that takes the best of what everybody else does, and just “sings his own tune”.

He starts his campaign with something weird and interesting, has a careless attitude, gives great value, and then just says, “hey, here’s what I have for you, here’s how it can help you, and here’s what you need to do next”. And he sells millions. Period.

So be a little outrageous. If your competition has a sign in the yard, put a sign in your property’s yard with flags or tinsel or some crazy thing attached to it. Dress up one of the trees in the front lawn, whatever. Get the attention of the buyer over your competition, then just show them what you have, how it can help them, and what they need to do next (buy, of course!).

Don’t be the high pressure sales guy that everybody hates, be the cool guy that just helped them get what they wanted…

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