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Some Tidying Up To Do When Selling A Home

February 14, 2011

Aside from major updates and repairs, there are some things you can do to a home to really make a look better, and easier for people to see themselves buying and living in. Things like updated electrical (and possibly plumbing) fixtures, a neutral color scheme, and cleanliness are among the list of things that cheap and relatively easy to do.

In Leslie Ebersole’s post What Do Buyers Want? Sprinkles or Filling?, there are more details given, but I wanted to zero in on this point:

6) Buyers want a garage that looks big enough for their cars. A 2 car garage needs to look large enough to hold 2 cars, not 1 car and piles of stuff. Rent a storage locker for excess.

I point this out to you just because of how simple it is to clean out a garage, and the potential benefit of showing a buyer a garage that will fit their cars, without them having to imagine anything. It’s just right there for them to see.

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