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Results of a Recent Press Release Quantified

April 20, 2011

I am excited to give you the results from my recent press release. If you’ll remember, I talked to you about how to quantify a press release, including the calculation of the value of a single visitor to your website. Using the method given, I calculated and gave you the approximate value of a visitor to this site, which was 21 cents.

So the hardest part of quantifying a press release is over. Now all we need to know is how much my site’s traffic increased due to the press release.

And I am going to focus on only 1 piece of data here, the increase due to search engine rankings boost on just one of the targeted keywords.

So on the targeted keyword, I took a sample through my Google Analytics account of data over a 3 day period (Monday – Wednesday) before the press release hit the web, and found that the targeted keyword produced 90 clicks total. Then I looked at the same 3 day period the following week after the press release hit. My clicks had improved to 151 (a 68% increase)! This was due to increased ranking for the targeted term.

Ok, so let’s calculate this data. For Q1 of 2011, my site averaged about 107 visits per month for targeted keyword. If the increased mentioned above holds true, that would add about 73 visits to my website each month for this keyword. So now let’s multiply the 73 additional visits by 21 cents, and we get $15.33.

So that means I added $15.33 to my monthly income produced from this site. And seeing how I spent $360 on the press release, this mean it will take just under 24 months to recoup my investment. And while that may sound like a long time, remember, I am only quantifying based on 1 small piece of data, and that’s because I can directly attribute most of the rankings increased on this keyword to the press release.

Now the other thing to keep in mind here, is that a press release like this is going to increase the authority of my site, and thus making it easier to rank for all types of keywords down the road. And this is extremely important to me, as I am constantly adding new content to this site.

So overall, I definitely believe this press release was well worth the money. Please let me know what you think by commenting below.

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