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November 30, 2009

After obtaining your real estate license, getting realtor license plates can be one of many small, inexpensive things you can do to help boost your advertising campaign and build your real estate business. Once you have your license, apply to the National Association of Realtors to become an active realtor. Then you can get these attractive license plates, and tell the world that you are a realtor, and are able to help them. One issue though, is that none of the companies seem to promote getting a phone number posted directly on the license plate itself. But you could buy a custom license number from your local Department of Motor Vehicles, using your business phone number as the license plate number. This would be a great one-two punch for an up and coming realtor.

Realtor License Plates Online

Checking across the web will yield different styles and designs. Some websites offer the full license plate (like the Texas Realtor Specialty License Plate), or just a license plate frame saying something like “I Sell Homes” at the bottom. These are all great choices, and could give you a competitive edge over the realtor that is sharing office space with you.

Be careful of state sponsored realtor license plates. Though they may grant the best type of exposure and credibility, sometimes they come with additional continued expense. For example, Utah’s state commission charges an additional annual fee of about $30 for continued use of its sponsored realtor license plates. Not a hefty fee, but nonetheless a continual fee. In this scenario, it may be best to try the realtor license plate out for a year, see what kind of results you get, and weigh the benefit versus the cost. Really, if you get just one deal from someone seeing your realtor license plate, the cost is justified.

Realtor License Plates Pricing

Realtor license plates are priced at anywhere from $10-30 or more. That isn’t much money, and if it were only to grant you one additional customer, it would be well worth it. But imagine watching your son or daughter at a school function, and someone asking if you if that was your car, and if you are the one to talk to about buying or selling a home. Bottom line, it is great exposure at an insignificant cost.

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