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Real Estate Internet Marketing Tip #8: Generating High Quality Content

January 3, 2011

All of the steps up until now have been one time, “Fire and Forget” type steps. But as we move into securing your position in the search engines, we get to this step. Generating high quality content is the most important thing that you will need to do in order to obtain and remain in the top spot in Google. This takes a consistent effort, and may or may not be worth your time. If you find it is not worth your time, then consider hiring out, because you cannot afford to not do this.

There is a saying in Internet Marketing circles, and it is this: “Content is King”

And it truly is. Generating a constant flow of high quality content to your blog is key to your search engine optimization success. Not only will you be able to secure high rankings for your primary keywords with this method, you will also get search engine traffic for “long tail” keywords (these are multiple word searches like “crazy off the wall blue widgets”, instead of the short tail “blue widgets” search).

Content generation consists of 2 steps – posting to your own blog, and then syndicating content to the web. Don’t forget these 2 steps, you’ll need to do both in order to be successful online. I’ll cover syndication in the next real estate internet marketing tip, but for now, I’m going to teach you how to post to your own blog.

How to Post to Your New WordPress Blog

Alright so let’s get started by logging in to your admin area at First of all, we need to change the name of the default category. So go to “Posts” -> “Categories” add click on “Uncategorized”. Change this category to something that fits your market, e.g. “Orlando Real Estate”, and change the “Slug” to match, with dashes instead of spaces. So if you used “Fort Worth Real Estate”, then your slug would be “fort-worth-real-estate” (yes, use all lower case letters for this, because it will end up being a url). Save your changes.

Now that you have your default category updated, Go to “Posts” -> “Add New” to get started with your first blog post. A “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get) editor will come up, and it should look very familiar to you, almost like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, or some other word processor.

The rest should be self explanatory with regard to how to write the post (all you need is a title and the content of your post). So let’s move on to how to write great content.

Writing High Quality Posts – The Title

The thing to focus on here, is things that people are interested in. Things like “How to Sell Your Home in 45 Days”, or “5 Deadly Tips For Staging Your Home”, or “3 Keys To Dirt Cheap Repairs To Transform Your Home”, or “How to Get The Bottom Dollar for Your Next Home Purchase” are great titles for articles that will capture your readers attention, and get them to look at the article.

Any kind of “how to” or “top 10” type of article is great, and will get your readers attention. You can also use a question for your title. Something like “How Can I Sell My Home Myself?” would really catch someone’s eye. If you haven’t already figured it out, the title is the most important thing. Without great titles, you won’t capture your prospects attention, and they’ll move on to some other site.

Writing High Quality Post Content

After you have a great title, deliver great content. Spend some time developing your thoughts, and make sure what you put out there fits the title, and gives your reader value. Don’t just write a bunch of fluff. If you want to lead in your market, deliver great content. If you can answer a common question, or help someone to get just a little more money for the sale of their home, or to negotiate for a lower buying price, you’ll have a prospect that trusts you, and that leads to money – which is what it is all about, helping people, and making money at the same time.

Even if they don’t become your client, you will have helped them, and added another web page to Google’s index, which will help you to increase your search engine rankings, which in turn gets your more traffic, more leads, and ultimately, more money. So let me say it again – write great content, don’t take shortcuts, and it will pay off.

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