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Real Estate Internet Marketing Tip #3: Picking The Right Domain

December 10, 2010

Continuing our series on real estate internet marketing, I want to give you some guidelines for getting setup with a proper domain name for your real estate business. Because the nature of real estate is inherently local, it opens up a relatively easy opportunity for many real estate agents to get a “local” real estate domain name. A domain name like, or is not only specific and appealing to your potential prospects, it also gives you a massive ranking advantage in Google for that search phrase.

You see, when someone is looking to buy/sell/rent a home, a very likely search that they will enter into Google will be “city + real estate”, or “city + homes for sale”, or something like that. And when Google is ranking sites for that search term, having an exact match domain name really gives you an edge.

So I highly recommend getting a domain name like this. If the .com version of the domain is not available, it is OK to get the .net or .org version. You will still get the Google ranking bonus. Now, I know that many real estate agents will want to get a domain name that matches their business’ name or brand, and that’s good too. If you really want to do this, get them both. Perhaps host all of your listings and company data at your company/brand website, and then host a blog at the local real estate website. This will give you the best of both worlds, and then you can push people from your local real estate blog back over to your company site, or capture them as a lead directly on the blog.

And that brings us to the next step, which is getting your blog set up. Click here to go on to Tip #4 and knock out this important piece of the puzzle.

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