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Real Estate Internet Marketing Tip #12: Getting More Links and Traffic To Your Site

January 11, 2011

As you probably already know, the secret to ranking for any particular keyword phrase in Google, is to have lots of links pointing the page you want to get ranked, with the anchor text that matches your chosen keyword. If you don’t know what anchor text is, it is a link that uses a word or phrase instead of the url for its text.

So instead of, and anchor text link would be real estate license, where “real estate license” would be the keyword you want to rank for.

On-Page Optimization

So if you have gone through the previous real estate internet marketing tips, you should already be aware that if you have enough pages indexed in Google, and many of those pages linking to a page with anchor text that you want to get search engine rankings for, you already have a good start to getting ranked for that keyword. Using pages on your own site to point links and ranking juice to another page on your site is part of the larger world of SEO called “on-page optimization”. You can get some ranking with on-page optimization, but in competitive keyword markets, you’ll have to do more than that. And this is where “off-page optimization” begins.

Off-Page Optimization

If you have taken action on my basics of syndication tip, then you have already started generating high quality “off-page” links to your site. Off-page optimization really is nothing more than getting as many links as possible, from highly credible sources, to your site. And preferably anchor text, do follow links. But I want to give you more ideas and ways to generate off-page links to your site.

Paid Linking Systems

In short, you are better off not using them, as they are against Google’s terms of service. You may get away with it, but if you don’t there can be serious consequences for your site, including removal from Google’s index.

Other Sources For Getting Quality Non-paid Links

1. Forums

Utilizing forums can be one way to get some quality link juice. Search and sign up with high traffic forums that relate to real estate, edit your profile to include a signature with a link to your site, then start posting good quality information and help to users that ask questions. You’ll also be able to start spotting questions that get asked time after time, and these can be great blog posts for you to answer the question in detail, then post a short version of it on the forum, with a link to your blog post, answering the question. You add value to the forum, and the forum pays you back with a link.

2. Blog Comments

This is another way to get an easy link. Pursue some other real estate agents blogs, preferably agents that work in other markets (i.e. if you work in Atalanta, find agents working in Philadelphia or other areas), and post comments to their articles. Again, don’t try to cut corners here or buy any software packages to automatically do this. Just post value added information to their blog posts. Don’t include any links in your comments, instead, use your keyword for name, instead of your actual name. When your comment gets approved in WordPress, your name will become a link, and if you used a keyword for name, then you will have a keyword anchor text link to help you rank.

3. Guest Posts

Another way to get links is to write a piece of content for someone else, and send it to them to post on their blog. You can talk to them about including links in the article, and what works best for them and for you. I recommend trying to establish a relationship with them first (e.g. leave a blog comment, or post on a forum where they post, or contact them through ActiveRain, Facebook or Twitter), before asking for the guest post.

4. Web Directories

Almost all of the web directories out there are garbage, and don’t provide much, if any real link juice to you. But there are 2 that do – the Yahoo Directory and the DMOZ directory. Even though the Yahoo Directory costs money to join, Google still highly values this directory and attributes some great link juice to it. Once you submit your site to Yahoo and pay the fee, your link will be reviewed for inclusion within about 7 business days. The DMOZ directory is free, and I recommend submitting your link there, however it can take an extremely long time to be included, if at all. I have submitted several times to DMOZ, and to date, I still don’t know of any of my links that they have actually approved.

5. Vertical Portals

Sites like ActiveRain allow real estate agents to network with other agents, to have a blog and post content to their site. Sites like these are great location to get more links to your site, while providing more knowledge and value to the market, thus increasing your image as the expert agent in your local market. Just make sure it is a high traffic and reputable site, because you don’t want to waste your time on low traffic, non-authority sites, especially if you will be spending time publishing great content to them.

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