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Real Estate Internet Marketing Tip #11: Social Media Marketing in A Nutshell

January 6, 2011

I hope that you haven’t run across too many other sites and people talking about social marketing, because they’ll likely try to pull you in to some system that automatically submits your sites to thousands of social media sites, etc. And what will very likely happen if you use one of their software packages, is that you’ll get banned by the social media sites.

Trust me on this one, I have done it myself, and I have been banned.

It’s not worth the money, or the time to get setup with one of these systems. Links from social media sites to count in Google, but not nearly as much as they have in years past. And because they are still an easy way to get some link juice to your site, that’s why I’m including my strategy here.

Now, if you followed my advice in Real Estate Internet Marketing Tip #7: Modify Your Blog, then you already have a Facebook account and a twitter account. Your twitter account is setup to automatically tweet your posts when they are published, and folks who have Facebook accounts (which is almost everyone) can share your posts on facebook. You will probably want to Facebook “share” your posts yourself, which is really easy, just click the “share” button in your post, and post it to Facebook.

Next, if you want to spend a little more time, you can use a site that I use, called Social Poster. This site will all you to input a title, url, description and tags (keywords), and then select applicable social sites to post to. What I usually do is click the link for “Dofollow”, and then make sure to check “”, “”, “”, and “” as well. One thing you need to be sure of, is as you are submitting to these sites, you need to change your title, description, and tag as you go from site to site. If not, search engines and social sites may pick up on the fact that you are submitting the same thing out there many times, and drop your rankings or ban you from the social site.

Again, trust me, it has happened to me. One site took me about 10 months to pull out of the Google penalty box. It’s not worth taking the shortcut here.

Also, I only submit my best articles to the social sites. My “news style” content, where I am reporting on someone else’s article or post, doesn’t go through this process. I don’t want to bookmark things that aren’t my best work, and even though the content in these posts are good, it looks more natural, and keeps me safer from getting banned on social sites, if I just bookmark some of my posts, not all of them.

Bottom line is…don’t overuse the social sites. I can’t guarantee that you won’t have a problem with the social sites, or with Google, when you use this system. But so far, I found it to be sound, especially if you are doing good article marketing and getting other kinds of links to your site.

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