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Real Estate Internet Marketing Tip #10: Getting Traffic Through Syndication

January 5, 2011

For the most part, everything that you have heard about Article Marketing is false. So let me just dispel some of the nonsense. First, you don’t have to submit your articles to multiple article directories, in fact, I will give you the 2 article directories that I am using in just a minute. You don’t have to generate a bunch of “spun” versions of your articles either, in fact, I recommend that you don’t. And most importantly, you don’t have to stick to your subject or niche in order to be successful with this syndication method, in fact, I recommend that you break out of your subject.

So let me reiterate here. I recommend that you don’t use any article submission or spinning software. And I recommend that you break out of your subject in your article marketing.


Because you aren’t looking to get a bunch of article directory links, you want to get your content published on real people’s blogs and websites. So if you are working in a tight niche, like say…the pet fish market, not many people are interested in it, and so you will miss out on a lot of opportunity to get your articles republished, if you stick to articles only about pet fish.

So a good method to use is to take a very popular subject, like news, entertainment, celebrities, politics, or jokes, and write about them, and only work in your subject briefly, or perhaps even not at all. So for example, in the pet fish niche, you could write an article about a popular forthcoming celebrity marriage, and maybe drop in one line, like, “I wonder if Prince William is a fish collector?”, or something like that.

Using a method like this will give you the greatest reach possible for your articles. These “hot” subjects catch people’s attention, and give you the best chance for getting your article published on a real website, that will give you a followed, anchor text link.

Let me go back, for just a moment, to producing high quality content. You really, really want to generate great articles for use in your article marketing. Just ask yourself the question, if you were a website owner combing through an article directory, would you want to publish the article you wrote?

Alright, so let me give you location of where to publish your articles. I recommend 2 sites (and I actually use these myself). They are and These 2 directories have a great reach into the web, and many, many sites, including news sites, pick up articles produced by publishers on these websites.

Getting an EzineArticles account is easy, just click the link to sign up, and you can being publishing articles. Buzzle is a little tougher, you need to have some examples of your work before you can get approved as an author. But you can go ahead and sign up for an account now. Once you have about 3 quality articles published to your own blog, then you can apply to be a Buzzle author. You can submit to be an author without this, but I highly recommend waiting until you have this in place. I have heard that it can take about a month after you apply to Buzzle before they will approve your author account, but I submitted my application with 3 quality links to content on my own blogs, and I was approved within 24 hours (no joke, I am dead serious about this).

So to recap, you want to publish high quality articles to and Talk about things that appeal to many people (you can also through in some narrow, niche focused content too, it will help to get some direct, highly targeted visitors and perhaps a few sites will pick up your articles), and include your author resource box or other link in the content with the anchor text you want to rank for in the search engines.

You can also “re-write” an article you submitted to EzineArticles, and publish it to Buzzle, just make sure it is different enough to be distinguishable by the other site as “unique content”. Submit articles as regularly as you can. A good schedule is 1 article per week to each of these sites. That’s it for the basics of syndication.

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    Great Article!!! I am going to ezinearticles right now. Thanks, Brian

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      You’re welcome. Good luck and stay tuned, because I have more great stuff for you.


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