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Promoting Your Real Estate Business Using Twitter

December 8, 2010

Let’s just face it, as we move into the coming years, technology is going to play a larger and larger role in everything, and it is certainly true of the real estate market. The internet has already become the starting point for most people looking to buy a home. Using twitter can give you an advantage that other real estate agents may not have, or understand. Vinny LaBarbera will take you through the entire process of setting up your twitter account, to using it to effectively market yourself and your properties online. Here’s part of what Vinny says:

  • Add  Twitter widgets to your website(s) and blog(s)
  • Use your @_________ Twitter username in all of your correspondence, especially your email signature
  • Get Twitter users, especially those with lots of followers, to retweet some of your best Twitter updates
  • Buy sponsored tweets through services like TweetUp, SponsoredTweets and BeTweeted

That just part of the story, and ways you can use twitter to promote yourself, and your real estate business. You can read the rest of Vinny’s post here:

If you haven’t already gotten your real estate license, take a look through this site so you can bypass all the guesswork and knocked out the licensing process in no time.

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