Perspective: Why the Democratic Agenda Stifles Real Estate

January 13, 2011

Real estate, like any other sector of the market, is related to and affected by other sectors, and the market as a whole. And as technology helps us to span the gap between markets, each country’s market will become increasingly dependent  on the global market. And the one thing that just kills any economy, is high taxes and/or an oppressive government.

The concept of the “stimulus” and “free money” (as it pertains to enslaving social programs) actually reverse and serve as a stumbling block to the economy. And the democratic agenda to promote these enslaving programs under the guise of “helping people” really doesn’t help anyone in the long run.

What it does, in fact, is drive up taxes for everyone, thus limiting the buying power of the individual, and inflating government agencies in order to regulate the programs. So we end up with less money, and more laws, which means less freedom. And this problem transcends into every part of the economy – including real estate.

Consequently, the average individual has less assets, therefore cannot afford as much of a home (or no home at all), which means less available buyers for potential real estate, and at the end of it all, a falling real estate market.

And that, my friends, is where we are at today. Luckily, we recently transferred the power in the House away from the Democrats, and towards the Republicans in one of the largest shifts in voter history. I can only hope in the months and years to follow, that we will learn from our mistakes, and choose freedom over an enslaving left wing agenda.

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