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Normal Living Vs Living in a Home You Are Selling

March 3, 2011

While it may seem obvious in concept, actually living in a home you are trying to sell is quite different. Liz Spear makes the following comment on her “How You Live In Your Home and How You Sell It May Be Entirely Different!” post:

Selling your home is going to be inconvenient!  We’re most likely going to ask you to make changes from your every day life.

It’s the difference between knowing the path, and walking the path. You know in your mind that things will be a bit different, like having to keep the house a little bit cleaner, etc. But what about when your agent wants you to rearrange all the furniture, take down your trinkets and photos, and “depersonalize” the house. Furthermore, you have to ready to leave the house at a moments notice in order for an potential buyer to be come in and see the property.

Daily life is different when you are trying to sell your primary residence, so just be prepared…

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