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New First Time Home Buyer Survey: Move-In Ready Sells

February 21, 2011

Call me stupid, but all the investing I have done has been centered around fixing a house up as much as possible, so that the new buyer doesn’t have to imagine, or doing anything when they buy the home, just go ahead and move into it. And that thinking stems from my view of retail buyers as being complete void of imagination; basically, if you don’t show them a great place, they won’t buy.

And Coldwell Bankers solidified that with a very interesting in a new survey they just released:

87 Percent of Beginner Buyers Want Move-In Ready

That’s an extremely high number. And it really suggests to sellers to put in just a little more money into those investment properties to get them to a place where there is very little, if any “fixing up” that the new buyer has to complete. Seriously, with a percentage that high, selling “as-is” may just land you with a long, painful listing. Just a thought…

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