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My New Content Generation Model

May 9, 2011

I have been watching the search market change over the last couple of years. Now, most of the people searching online are moving away from broad searches, and focusing in on long tail searches for extremely specific things. They are savvy enough to know that there is a lot of content available out there, and they can zero in on exactly what they want to find.

Simultaneously, with the advent of YouTube and other video and online services that limit certain types of content to 15 minutes or less, has influenced the attention span of the typical internet user.

Consequently, folks are looking for small bits of data that they can consume quickly. So I have adapted my content model to accommodate this change.

Now, I am focusing on answering one query with each piece of content I create. Short posts, maybe only 50-250 words is typical, trying to zero in on and answer that exact query.

I think it is how content production will shift in the future, because it is easier to create, and gives you the ability to add 2-3 pages of content to your site or blog to address the same principles and points that a single piece of content used to address.

What do you think?

Please leave me your comments and feedback below.

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