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How to Get Real Estate Testimonials & Referrals

April 30, 2011

Like anything in marketing, if you promise to deliver a great product, and you do actually deliver a great product, then you have satisfied your buyer. But if you really want to create testimonials from clients who “love” working with you, and will recommend you to their friends and family, you have to over-deliver on your promises.

So what does that mean?

Well, for the real estate agent, when you are working with a new seller, give them a detailed plan of action, which includes both your online and offline activities. Will you be doing an open house? How about newspaper advertisements? or Craigs List?

Of course you will be listing the property on the MLS. But you want to give them a detailed plan, and put it on a timeline, so that they know what and when to expect to see things happen out there, and to know that you are doing everything possible to sell their home quickly.

But that just satisfies your seller.

To really go above and beyond, have something tucked away, that you don’t tell them about up front, but you just do. Like, posting something to ActiveRain or your own blog or website that really highlights the property, and gets some search engine love!

Do you think that would merit a “WOW” from your seller?

You bet it would!

But regardless, hold something back from your intial plan of action that you deliver to the seller, so that they get “more” than what you told them you would give them. Clients love it when they get more than they paid for!

And you will get paid back in long run for doing this…

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